Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Chrysler 300 - 300C Cars Abundant in Arizona

I've owned my Chrysler 300C for about 9 months now (still love this car) and I rarely see another on the roads here in Minnesota. I do see maybe one 300 or 300C every few days but that's about it.

Recently I went on vacation in Arizona and there were more 300's driving around the Grand Canyon and Sedona in one day than I've seen in Minnesota in 6 months! They were everhwhere! No complaints though, because it's a great car.

In fact, when I returned from vacation it was a great thing not only to be home, but to be back in the seat of my 300C.

Incidentally, it's a cool deal to see that this site ranks so high on Google for 300C and 300C accessories. Speaking of accessories, here's a stainless steel mesh grille for the 300C I am thinking of buying.