Sunday, May 14, 2006

300C Interior Update

Autoblog is speculating that the 300C is going to get some kind of update to the interior. I agree that most of the 300C inside is appropriate to the price, but many items are not. Too much plastic.

Am looking forward to seeing what Chrysler comes up with.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Chrysler Imperial Concept Car

Some are impressed with the Chrysler Imperial concept car unveiled in January this year at the North American International Auto show. From
The idea here is to question whether there's space in the Chrysler lineup above and beyond the iconic 300C sedan. The Imperial is a huge, tall car, as in 17 inches longer and six inches taller than a 300. It's an evocative statement similar in its classical stance to such popular Chrysler concepts as the Atlantic from 1995. Most, though, see the current Rolls-Royce Phantom when they see the Imperial concept. (Not coincidentally, many see a Bentley when they see Chrysler's 300 sedan.)

Reaction to the Imperial has been mixed. Dan Lienert on proclaimed it one of the year's 10 coolest concepts and characterized it as ``another stab from Chrysler at bringing sinister looks back into American sedans.'' But Motor Trend wrote that the ``Detroit show reaction can be most charitably described as `lukewarm,' with one wag describing it as a cross between the Rolls Phantom and the Checker Marathon.''"
All I know is, Chrysler seems to be batting 1000 when it comes to cool car design and production. Or maybe it's all in the marketing?

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