Saturday, May 30, 2009

300C via Italy ?

From yahoo news, A bankruptcy judge said Friday that he will rule by Monday on whether Chrysler LLC can go forward with its plan sell most of the company to a group headed by Italy's Fiat and take a big step toward its goal of a speedy exit from Chapter 11.
and for those of us that speak Italian

Un giudice fallimentare ha detto che egli Venerdì regola da Lunedi se Chrysler LLC può andare avanti con il suo piano di vendere gran parte della società ad un gruppo guidato da Italia della Fiat e fa un importante passo verso l'obiettivo di una rapida uscita dal capitolo 11.

I wold expect that the Chrysler 300C will become more popular than ever.


Monday, May 25, 2009

1939 Word's Fair Chrysler 3D Movie

I came across this clip of the 1939 World's Fair and thought this was cool so enjoy.
Ya I know it's not a Chrysler 300C. The idea was not even a little sparkle in the eye back then. But may have been in someone's dreams.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Fewer 300C Opportunities

My God it gets worse every day, since yesterday the number of fewer 300C opportunities has risen to 1,100. In the sense that there will be fewer dealers out there to sell you a used 300C.
via ( -- General Motors notified 1,100 of its 6,000 dealerships Friday that it is terminating their contracts with the struggling automaker, the first step in an even deeper 40% cut in its retail network.

GM spokeswoman Susan Garontakos said that the dealers receiving notice Friday are being told that their contracts will not be renewed in October 2010. Many of them are expected to close shop this year.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

789 Fewer Places to Buy a 300C

via ( -- Chrysler LLC will close down 789 dealerships, or roughly 25% of the current number, according to a plan filed in bankruptcy court Thursday.

Chrysler had a total of 3,181 authorized dealers in operation at the time of its April 30 bankruptcy court filing, according to court filings. Just over half of that number accounted for more than 90% of Chrysler sales, according to the filing.

The dealers being shut down represent 14% of Chrysler's total sales, the carmaker said.
Damm new it was coming but.........


Monday, May 11, 2009

Chrysler 300C Group

“EVERYONE here looks great!” is the kind of comment you hear often. At a place where outfits seem chosen to match their 300C automobiles. Even though there were cloudy skies and the fabrics tended toward the waterproof, and anything with buttons counts as formalwear. There was a good sized crowd. Those words seemed unbelievable , Yet those were exactly the words that burst from a woman who drove past me one night on the boulevard Lounge, a street store in the upscale hill district on the west end where friends would meet. And by golly she was right, the group of Chrysler 300C gathered that first Thursday in April — the first Thursday of each month has an evening of art-gallery openings and shopping parties . The group would take their lady friends — all startlingly attractive and with all of the autos lined up functional but chic. One woman, sitting in her Chrysler , wore a black bob and a silvery, thigh-length, probably impermeable trench coat. Fleece abounded, but was form-fitting. Quiksilver’s hard-to-find Limited Collection hung on the racks next to clothes by local label, whose jackets, polos and shorts lie on the sporty end of the fashion spectrum — or is that the fashionable end of the sporty spectrum? For one thing the 300C were both fashionable and at the sporty end of the spectrum.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Keepin the 300C

My wife and I left the party in our 300C. All was well until she suggested we get a new car. All hell broke loose at that point. There was no way I was going to give up my beautiful 300C. As the argument got more heated. She really was building up a storm getting louder. After a few choice words from me, she shouted " stop the car and let me out !"
I gladly pulled over to the curb. She unlocked her door and got out. But then looked around and got back in, saying. "Take me to a better neighborhood."
That broke us both up and the argument too.......
We still have the Chrysler 300C