Saturday, August 30, 2008

10 Ways to Avoid Foul Play in The 300C Featured in a Movie

I don't know for sure what is going on here But the moral of the story is if you have a nice Chrysler 300C
1. Don't pick up hitch hikers on dirt desert roads, especially beautiful big boobed ones like this gal.
2. Don't drink and drive, it distracts you from driving the 300C
3. Don't carry duffle bags of money , letting people know about it.
4. On days when you think you are getting shot make sure you wear super absorbent shirts like these guys so the 300C interior doesn't get stained.
5.Be glad she is a really good shot and there is no damage to the Chrysler 300C as she shoots the guys 5 times
6. Be really ,really glad she doesn't steal your car
7. She apparently can't drive, which allows us viewers the pleasure of watching her bouncy little strut out into the desert with that bag of money.
8. If one learns Spanish maybe you can avoid this situations like this or not.
9. Make sure everyone chips in on the motel room up front.
10. Always look both ways when leaving motel rooms late at night in the moonlight


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toasters from the backseat of a 300C

Toasters in the backseat of a 300C !! could be and if you also have breakfast natural pork links for you cooking also, holy cow. I mean, Chrysler 300C article submissions about the ROI of social contacts with the fairer sex if I may use a old quote but media submissions and model directories can only take you so far as the 300C will allow you to go. .
Think about money wasted on things instead of highly rated 300C accessories, keep your credit card scores up there.
Like , somewhere I heard a story supposedly false but I'm not sure it was proven that the kid stole it or was given access to dad’s credit card to buy a new custom 300C exhaust system for his brothers birthday and to make a long story shorter it got picked up by some news agencies social media, and spread like wildfire. It was completely false one way or another except it was a cool exhaust system, I can't remember which, can you ? But is that important.
What is important is the kid Willie kid used a credit card being in the title/headline. Because guess what? when people look for exhaust systems that’s what they’re going to use. T
How many deaths per year involve toasters? Now how many other random death facts can you find? (you could use the toaster as a nice title to snag attention). Is there anything interesting about how the toaster was build/made? Did toast actually improve on sliced bread?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big John's 300C

The owner advised the new bartender in a suburban bar.
"If you ever hear that Big John is bringing his pimped out Chrysler 300C down here, drop everything and run for your life."
All was well for several months then one day, the squealing of tires became a roar as a golfer rushed in shouting, "Big John's a
comin'!" In his hurry to get out, he knocked the small bartender to the floor.
Before the bartender could recover, more squealing of tires out front and out of this all tinted, coal black 300C, came a giant of a
man with a big black, bushy beard. He strode in through the swinging
doors , using a rattlesnake for a whip. The man tore the doors off their hinges, knocked over tables, and slung
the rattlesnake into the corner. "Gimme a drink," he yelled as he split the bar in half with a pound of his massive fist. The bartender
nervously pushed a bottle of Jack Daniels toward the man. He bit off the top of the glass bottle with his teeth, chugged the contents in one gulp and turned to leave. '
Realizing that the man wasn't hurting anyone, the bartender
asked if he'd like another drink. "Ain't got no time," the man roared. "Big John's a' comin' to town."


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Onother Reason to Fly on the Ground in the 300C

Once almost had a accident with the 300C. Driving out in the countryside along the coast a beautiful summer day,listening to the radio. I was on the way to meet some friends. I had installed a multi-band receiver, cause I like that kind of thing, listening to police calls to find out where they were you know. I picked up a airplane pilot talking to a control tower, " we're half a mile out and running on fumes, please instruct...over".
There was silence for a moment and the tower voice said repeat after me....."Our Father who art in heaven...................
It's this kind of thing that keeps happening to people flying in the sky I prefer flying low in the comfort of the 300C on the ground, plenty of leg room, choose my passengers. If I ran out of gas it's less traumatic.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to the 300C

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark with those beautiful halogen eyes
Try as I may, I can never explain
What I hear when I turn your key and press your buttons
The roar in your throat lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me stranded
Oh what a body, such pleasure when I open your doors
Try as I may, I can never explain when I touch you
You don't say a thing as your leather skin warms to my touch
The sound of your hemi says you'll drive me where ever I desire

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bride Wants 300C Now !

There are brides and there are Brides. But when this bride heard that there were people were encouraging people to “kill their air conditioner” she flipped and became bridezilla. This bride looks willing to kill if she doesn't get air conditioning in her wedding Chrysler 300C.
That's understandable as after all a Chrysler 300C is the perfect wedding car. I mean I can't even compare it to anything that might even fit the bill. She wants marriage, she wants the Chrysler 300C Now.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fill in 300C

These ____________[fill in] will have you going back for re-fills in your 300C but can also help you dominate in the search for the perfectly tuned Hemi engine for almost any Chrysler product relatively easily, because Chrysler 300C often get higher MPG than the listings in google than just about anything else… but what’s really cool is that these traffic chick magnets tap into multiple traffic pools of their own.

The result: You get a ton of targeted chick traffic for any 300C and as the British used to say "the birds create a presentation like no other of your 300C no matter what color it is. The birds will fly with the Chrysler.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

300C & Bird 1

There are some automobiles like no others. The Chrysler 300C is one of these. They sometimes make me think they are like are like birds because they seem to float close to the earth. No that is not real. The 300C plays tag with the earth and stars seemingly on wings of mist and light as it crosses across the evening plain.
Above the clouds, the moon smiles down it's pale yellow eyes reflect on the creamy 300C.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

300C for the Mayor ?

Smart people the English, in the city of Kingston it was determined the Mayor's Mercedes Benz was to narrow. So they are likely to buy him a Chrysler 300C to ride in, befitting his status as Mayor. Hear-Hear !! After many pertinent questions were asked like "Which males and females tested the suitability of the car for entry and exit and how was it tested? "What are the insurance implications of the Mayor now needing to sit behind the passenger seat?" More I'm sure questioned the proper color and whether 20" custom rims, hydraulics, supercharger and amid of other details after all the Mayor of Kingston has been a symbol of authority and dignity since Thomas Agar was appointed by James II in 1685. All those mayors having served their office without the pleasure of riding a 300C. It's just sad I say just sad.
base source: The Guardian

Friday, August 01, 2008

Challenger SRT8 in Auto Lots

Still want to buy another fine auto this year ?
Some Chrysler dealers still have the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 on their lots - including a dealer in northern Macomb County, Michigan that has 19 units for sale.
According to Chrysler spokeswoman Curtrise Garner, 6,400 limited-edition Challengers were ordered by customers when they were being built, but a quarter of the cars were set aside for dealers.
An ad for the Chrysler dealership in Macomb count showed off the dealers nine black, eight orange and two silver Challenger SRT8s. So far the dealership has sold just one with four more to arrive within days. Of course dealers are raking in the extra premium price. On its Web site, Huvaere priced the Challenger SRT8 at $45,145 - a $7,000 premium over the MSRP.
“We’re negotiating each price with the individual customer,” Simpson said. “We’re not getting a huge amount over sticker.”
Right - and this is our “we believe you face.”
source Detroit News

Now isn't that a kick in the pants. It's just one of those years where you will have to get a new 300C and the Dodge Challenger don't you think?