Saturday, October 02, 2004

1000 Miles in a 300C

I'm up to a little over 1000 miles in my 2005 Chrysler 300C so far. I would probably be at 300 - 400 in another car by now. This car is still so fun to drive. Where I live the speed limit rarely gets over 40 so the car pretty much floats from place to place. It's only when I go into the city that I get a chance to try out the Hemi.

If anyone has had a E&G stainless grille for the 300C installed, please let me know. I am curious what they are like as I've only seen them online so far.

Thanks to those who have posted comments so far. I've found a number of forums with some great information. Reviews are fine, but a journalist can only assess a car for a short period of time. It's much more insightful to hear what other owners have to say.

I finally received my plates today. 3 weeks! The dealership has had them since the 15th and forgot to send. Hmmm.

Also, if anyone has experience with the Sirius satellite radio, please let me know as that's one accessory I do not have.


Anonymous said...

I just got my Sirius reciever installed after about 3 months of waiting. The national backorder that was on those things was really pissing me off. But now I've got it and its all good. Initially I got the thing so I could listen to Air America radio anytime, but I've had it for a week and I've already got all 12 pre-programmed buttons assigned with great stations. I don't have the navigation unit, so the interface is kind of week. I have the 6-disc changer that has a couple lines of display but not many options for how the info is displayed. I'd like to get an aftermarket 2-din touchscreen changer, etc. but now that I've got the money invested its kind of not worth it. My advice to anyone looking to purchase a new 300 or 300C (I own the Touring model 3.5L V6): Get the base radio system and upgrade.

Anyway, that's my two cents. BTW my blog is: and I'll have some of my 300 today after I get it back from the tinters.


TopRank said...

That's good feedback Faux toe grapher, thanks. You were a 12B in Iraq? Touchscreen. Hmmm. I may need to look into that.

BrilliantBlackHemi said...

I'm at 5100 miles now. I got everything but Walnut wood, smokers and cold groups. Sirius is awesome, I'm lovin it big time.

Two good sites to read are: or


I'm on those everyday.

TopRank said...

Thanks BrilliantBlackHemi. I just got a quote from the dealer to add Sirius. I'll get one more and then do it. Thanks for the forum links. I didn't know about the 300C Forums site, very nice.