Sunday, March 04, 2007

300C More On Driving In Snow

A little advice from Angela Forgeron from The Vancouver Sun for those of you who want a 300C 'up north' she reminds us that the 300C has "An Electronic Stability Program and all-speed traction control are also standard.
If your home is in a snowbelt postal code, you'll want to investigate the all-wheel-drive model over the more popular rear-drive setup. The full-time AWD system delivers more torque to the rear wheels (62 per cent) to improve traction in slick and slippery conditions while preserving the feel of rear-wheel drive. On the days where we had small dumps of snow, the AWD rolled with great confidence and grip. And, though it's a large car, handling is surprisingly agile and responsive and body control is good. Though it's at home on fast straightaways, the 300 is also happy in twists and turns."

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