Tuesday, August 14, 2007

300C Meets Police

Driving down a quiet country road on a summer day the 300c decided to pull my foot down on the accelerator. I was going a little over 110 when I slowed down to stop for a crossroads stop sign. I realized a county police car coming from the opposite direction. I stopped at the intersection,of course, turned and slowly kept driving. Sure enough the police also turned in behind me and hit the lights.
Having watched enough cop shows. Hands on the wheel, car off, and yes sir, no sir, seemed to be the order of the day. The dialogue went something like this.
policeman: why were you going so fast with the hemi.
driver: uh, sorry sir, I was on a errand for my wife and I was preoccupied.
policeman: Well, if you promise to slow this hemi down I'll let you go.
driver: Thank you sir, I will I said with a smile.
policeman: As he left, he turned and said, "maybe you should get a slant 6"
driver: Not likely I said as we parted ways.
-and that's the truth- moral- be polite and some policemen will give you a break-

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