Friday, October 12, 2007

Chrysler 300C Dream

Need a break at work ? Try this.
Close your eyes and imagine it’s a dark night, first you see the outline of a custom Chrysler 300C. you become aware of the night sky, with a full moon and a blanket of stars. Next you notice the firm earth under you as the drivers door opens.
The 300C begins to take you on a drive through nature, you ride the 300C through a forest, aware that no obstacles are in your way. You are following your hearts desire and allowing the car to help you find the correct, balanced path. As you sway with the motion of the motor , you feel the 300C's roar as your heart merges with the feeling of the car and the engine naturally begins to open up.
The terrain grows steeper as you move up a mountain toward the stars, the path becomes more rigorous and narrow. By the time you have reached the top of the mountain, you are driving full throttle. You’ve merged with the 300C and become one.
From your new vantage point on the peak of the mountain, feel the first ray of sunlight appear. Allow yourself to experience the full impact and intensity of the sunlight as it penetrates your soul during the time it takes for the sun to rise.
As the horizon opens out before you, take 5 deep breaths. Throw your head back with each inhale through your nose and blow out the breath from your mouth as you bring you head forward at the end of the 5th breath. Relax back on your chair with you final exhale, begin to float and allow whatever will to happen. Allow your vision to carry you into the future, a new 2008 Chrysler 300C maybe . Explore. Look beyond your expectations, stay as long as you are comfortable.

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