Monday, December 31, 2007

James Brown Chrysler 300

A fanatically maintained black 2005 Chrysler 300 that was owned by James Brown Enterprises is on sale on ebay. The odometer showing only 6,230 original miles. The only thing special about the car is that it is two years old with super low milage. Unless you count the ownership history of James Brown ! Ranking right up there with Elvis and the Beatles. They say "One can imagine James Brown cruising through the back roads of beautiful Beech Island, SC, away from the crazy life that any celebrity must have, enjoying this great car, with the Air Conditioning going, and the music blasting! Or, maybe James Brown was an all windows down man. Either way, you could not own anything of Mr. Brown's that would give you a greater sense and appreciation of his personal life, than the car he last chose and drove and enjoyed, when he was enjoying life just like any other guy out for a ride in his car on a nice summer day. This car belongs with someone who not only appreciates Mr. Brown's lfe's work, but appreciates the man that he was." How cool is that?

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