Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early 300C Appreciation

It has recently been proven that our closest ancestors may well have been able to speak as well as us but never owned a Chrysler 300C. While Neanderthals lived side by side with modern humans in Europe for many thousands of years, it has been speculated that we may have inherited some of the same tastes in automobiles.
But my friend the Professor has found no evidence of ownership of a 300C by a Neanderthal. It has been suggested that a particular variant of appreciation of the beautiful styling , found commonly in Europeans, was contributed by Neanderthals.
But it seems overall, it seems that Neanderthals have contributed, at most, a "very limited" fraction of the 300C variation, found in contemporary human populations, said my buddy.

"What is exciting now, is that we are beginning to look both ways and spread the appreciation of the 300C from early modern humans into Neanderthals."

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