Friday, June 26, 2009

300C & Captain America

BIG BAM-SPLam the hammer came down.Even if Fiat is the new owner of most of the assets of Chrysler, the company that was given the privilege to build the 300C. What about the 300C ? It said the new company will focus on small cars. Well, if you reduce the 300C, it will look ridiculous.
Besides with Captain America soon to be reborn I think they should come around to right thinking with some of their thoughts on this, you do not agree? As far as I am concerned that Captain America must drive a 300C ! Therefor they must make more of them for him.
Don't believe he is returning ? Watch the skies July 2009.


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66coronet said...

Why would anyone want to reduce the size of the 300C. Just add the 3.6L MDS penstar motor + 2 mode hybrid and it will offer better fuel mileage. Offer a strip down version for taxi service.