Saturday, September 18, 2004

2005 Chrysler 300C

It's been six months or so since I first noticed a photo of the Chrysler 300c in a magazine. My first impression: What is that? I want one.

Every time I had the opportunity to show my wife a new ad with the 300c I did, to get her familiar with the design. I also pointed out the Chrysler 300c web site. Hoping it would grow on her. She was a bit reluctant as the Jaguar XJ is more her type. The 300c has a unique silhouette with more of a Bentley-like grille and flavor.

Then after a few months, we were driving by a Chrysler dealership on the way to my parents and there was a model perched out front. We didn't stop the first time. I continued to speak about the car, noting reviews in publications like Car and Driver. The next time we drove by the dealership, we stopped and took a look. It wasn't open, but we took a look of the outside. With a SUV full of kids, we couldn't stay long, but it just added to the anticipation to see the 300c live.

Another pass by the dealer during the week allowed us to look inside, but again a SUV full of kids meant just a short look and no test drive. Being able to sit in side, "kick the tires" so to speak was enough to bring my wife on board. We planned on getting a 300c in the coming months.

One day my wife sends me an email list of things to do and one was: oh, and remember to go get a new 300c! I checked the Chrysler 300 web site again for local dealers and their inventory. Of the 3 closest dealerships, each only had one 300c and suggested an average 10-12 week wait. I had researched the options I wanted and was prepared to have to wait to get my new car when I luck would have it that the closest dealer to my home had the exact model/trim package that I wanted on site. It was VERY cool to be able to check the dealer's inventory online via the Chrysler 300c web site. I took a test drive and brought the car home the next day.

I've only had the 300c a few days, so it's understandable that I'm still very excited to have this new car. But I have a feeling my enthusiasm is going to last for quite a while. This car is amazing. The ride is smooth, acceleration is nearly effortless and powerful. Inside it's cavernous with lots of space and very well-designed dash, instruments and appointments. Mine has the burl walnut accents but you can get a tortoise shell flavor as well.

I'll post some photos on subsequent posts because this car is too amazing not to share.


Anonymous said...

Lee - Go to and you will find a lot more information than you can use.

I have done the chrome (stainless) pillars and a satin nickle (OE color) dash kit. Not all of the pieces however because of a potential gaudy look!

I didn't want to register just to say hello, but you may Email me if you'd care to.

Your personal website is very well done!

TopRank said...

dkrhardy, thanks for the tip on the site. I have the stainless pillars as well and am considering one of the grilles from E&G.