Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Chrysler 300C Accessories

It didn't take much time after buying a new 300C before I started looking for accessories. A search on Google does not yield much. Wyckoff Chrysler seems to have a good selection but you'd think there would be more. There probably is, they just aren't ranking well or can be found under other search terms than "Chrysler 300C accessories".

Since I'm in Minnesota, I'll need the 300C Slush-Style Rubber Floor Mats by Winter. I'm also considering the Rear Painted Spoiler. Some of the stainless steel mesh grilles look pretty interesting.

Additional Chrysler Accessories Web Sites:
Lee Auto Mall


MasterMind said...

very cool car. I have been obsessing about the subaru STI for the past couple of years, but the 300c has really changed what I wanted to do! How have you liked the car since you purchased it? Has it given you the gas mileage Chrysler specified? I really like the E&G classic grille that has the split down the middle of the mesh. I finally got to test drive the car yesterday. It has almost as much punch as the STI (my dad has one), but has such a great ride! Good luck with the car.

TopRank said...

Hi MasterMind, yes I am very happy with the car. I find reasons to drive it all the time. The ride is very nice. I am considering one of the E&G Grilles, probably within the next month or two. If you take the plunge and get a 300C, let me know if you get a custom grille. I've only seen them online so far and am curious how they really look.