Tuesday, April 12, 2005

300C Fans

The other day I was picking a few things up at Home Depot and as I was getting into the front seat of my 300C, this guy rushes up and says, "hey wait". Now if I was downtown, my impression of this would be, "something's fishy". But I was in pure Minnesota suburbia and it's happened before. What did the guy want? Of course, he wanted to know about my 300C. Did I like it? How long did I have it? He was thinking of getting one, etc. I've had the car almost a year and this still happens on occasion.

I was putting our daughter in the SUV this am so my wife could take her to Montessori and she was not interested. She kept pointing to the 300C, "daddy's car. ride daddy's car". Even m ykids love it. (when I allow them in it) We went for a 2 hour ride today and she did NOT want to get out.

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