Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Chrysler 300C AWD Test Drive

Unfortunatley, it wasn't me that was able to test drive the AWD version of the 300C. But there's a good review in MACLEANS - As Much Mozart as it is Mos Def.
"Here's the lowdown: both V6- and V8-powered 300s use an adapted version of Mercedes-Benz's 4Matic system, as seen on the C, E and S-Class sedans. However appealing all-wheel drive sounds, the system isn't as modern or advanced as those used on Audi vehicles equipped with quattro, or even Subaru's famed symmetrical all-wheel drive. Instead, a more primitive, permanently-fixed ratio is used to deliver 38 percent power to the front and 62 percent power to the rear. Simple it may be, but it gets the job done without fuss or muss."

"Where it's possible to shear the tread off a new set of tires in the RWD 300C with a few burnouts, there's no such drama to be had with the AWD. The system hooks up instantly, translating every jab of the accelerator pedal into a brief time-pausing warp and making every stoplight dash a perfect launch."
I actually thought about waiting until the AWD version of the 300C came out to buy one, but I'm glad I didn't. However, we'll see if this Winter in Minnesota is any better than last year. I did need to put some weight into the trunk in order to get traction with the RWD on my 300C.

Here's another review of the Chrysler 300C AWD from Detroit News

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