Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cruisin at 7K

I've had my 300C almost a year now and just broke 7 thousand miles. I don't need to drive that often, but I find excuses. I go to one of those carwash places that does the inside and out. Every time I go, I get comments on the car.

When I was on my way in to a movie store this weekend, a woman walking out said, "Is that thing as fun to ride as it looks?". Of course I said yes! Absolutely. Then I noticed she wasn't looking at the car - just kidding.

What's wild is almost a year later people still look as I drive by and I am still enamoured with this vehicle. I keep it ultra clean but I do still have a scratch on the hood from an unfortunate weight bench incident.

A few weeks ago I had it up to 125 - that was wild. 80-125 in nothing flat and handled perfectly.

Now I just need to decide which 300C accessories to add. First on the list is the stainless mesh grille. I wonder if the nickel plated version is worth it? Then I'm going for the wood trim kit inside. Any pieces advice on either of those is appreciated.

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