Thursday, June 16, 2005

300C Production Begins in Europe

Now Europeans can get a taste of the sweetness of a 300C
"Production of the Chrysler 300C has begun at the Magna Steyr factory at Graz in Austria. This plant also builds the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler Voyager and Chrysler Grand Voyager, and will be churning out both the Sedan (saloon) and Touring (estate) versions of the 300C. The first cars came off the line yesterday."
Via itv Motoring


dave said...

Yesterday I saw 5 of these on the road around the small town I live in. That is the 300C.

The Dating Doctor said...

Thanks for your blog! It is a great outlet from a long day at work!

Keep spreading the good word!!!

-- Kara

TopRank said...

Thanks Kara! I plan on posting some new photos this week.

Dave, I know what you mean. The 300C is becoming more common. All the more reason to start customizing!