Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cool 300C Model Cars

300c Model car
You know you have a cool car when toy manufacturers are selling scale models as popular toys.

I know there have been scale model 300C toy cars and remote control cars out since last year. But the most impressive was to see the 300C displayed in a Target Christmas catalog last week.

The black one sells for $99 and the white one sells for $119.

Here's a 1:18 size r/c model for $39.95 and a pretty nice 1:24 black die cast 300c or blue for $14.99 from some other online stores.

There are not that many 300C model cars out there online, but certainly more than last year. I bought my full size 300c in the summer and noticed a few 300c model cars being promoted over the holidays 2004, but they were sold out pretty quickly.

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