Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rear Ended 300C

OK, so there I was just moving along in early morning rush hour traffic. Well, as much as there can be rush hour traffic in suburbia. And I just start moving forward and I hear this SCREECH!!! and I'm thinking to myself, "Wonder where that's coming from?" and look in my rear view mirror.... BAM!

I get whacked from behind by a late model Isuzu Trooper. It pushes me ahead a few feet, but nothing big. No airbags are set off. I drove to the side of the road and pull into a parking lot with the Isuzu following me. I get out and the woman in the Isuzu gets out and says SHIT!

The front passenger quarter panel is pushed in on her Isuzu, the radiator is gushing steam on top and liquid from the bottom. My 300C has a dent in the trunk and the bumper and my back two sensors on the right are gone. I have to say, I was pretty amazed at how much damage there was to that Trooper. It was not driveable.

We exchanged insurance information and I called it in within 5 min of the accident and was at a repair shop for an estimate an hour later. Bummer for the woman in the Trooper is that she had a very basic form of insurance. No coverage for her damages.

Now the insurance people and the estimator they are sending out and I have been playing phone tag for a week. The repair shop estimated $3000 in damages. My trunk won't close now.

I hope I can get it into the shop for repairs before Christmas so it gets fixed while I'm in Mexico for a week. I'll post some photos to this post later.

Oh well. Maybe it's time to upgrade.

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