Saturday, October 25, 2008

Proposition 300C

A friendly reminder to Vote yes on Proposition 300C. With elections coming up look closely at the long recycled paper ballots as many states may not have it and be sure you vote Yes on the 300C rule changes as if it were there. The question has been brought forth as to whether Is it a coincidence the 2008 SEMA Show starting November 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center-voting day. Is this a ploy to distract the stock,modified and custom Chrysler 300C there inside and outside the event. There are rumors of already introduced series of aftermarket super chargers for the Chrysler 300C has even said that the 2009 model will highlight a blower to increase power,on top of what is already out there. Will there be polling places near by ? I don't know. If Proposition 300C passes, there will be designated roads for 300C throughout the country. Bless you all.

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