Monday, November 19, 2007


From the UK we learn that residual value experts have confirmed that the 300C has been a massive residual value success story. Martin Ward, Manufacturer Relationship Manager for CAP, said: “A two year old diesel Chrysler 300C with 30,000 miles on the clock is today worth an impressive 67 per cent of the £25,750 it cost when new. In contrast, a BMW 525D of a similar age that cost £31,115 in 2005 is currently worth £19,300 – that’s 62 per cent retained value.Martin Ward added: “It has been a big surprise to the industry just how well the 300C has sold in the UK, and more importantly how well it has held on to its value. All previous large American designed and built cars have not performed anywhere near as well. The 300C styling has hit the spot with both new and used customers and even two years after its launch it is still attracting attention. The bold design is set to appeal to used car buyers for some years to come.” I could have told you that.

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