Thursday, November 29, 2007

North Texas Area M & G.

If you are in north Texas you might be interested so I thought I would pass this on. Started at the charger forumz(from a post by VanillaSXTRT) via 300cforumz( post by wrenchjeff) to here.
"Hey my 300c brothers and sisters! We have a M&G lined up for Dec. 15th. It started over on the charger forumz but we wanted to invite all of you also. So if you can make it I`d love to see you all there. Here`s the info.(copied from a post by VanillaSXTRT)
It's that time again for the North Texas area M & G. everyone is welcome to join us,if not, don't worry cause there will be others. here's the details as follows:
When: Sat. Dec 15th at 2p.m.
Where: Papa's BBQ, 2231 West NW Hwy. at Lombardy, Dallas, TX"

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