Friday, January 11, 2008

A 300C Super-Stretch Land Yacht

Now this is a one half million dollar [modified in Great Britain] land Yacht. Apparently the first of a fleet to come to Singapore.
"IT IS so long that the driver arrives a couple of seconds before the passengers.
Presenting the Chrysler 300, Singapore's longest passenger car, which measures a tad over 8 meters - or nearly 2m longer than the previous record holder, the Maybach 62.
In fact, its wheelbase alone is almost as long as the Maybach.
Restaurant and hospitality group Indochina's chief executive Michael Ma has acquired the car to rent to people who must arrive in style.
It will accommodate eight in the rear, where passengers can help themselves to a mini bar or watch movies on the plasma TV system." via

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Ashley said...

I like this Chrysler. It is so long vehicle. At present, many limo rental operators use classic automobiles, which either offer their clients a chance to ride in a luxurious Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Town Car or stretched Hummer SU type. Some of these limo models even have the driver's compartment uncovered, which kind of goes back to the old days when horse-drawn carriages ruled the roads. Some innovative limousine hire operators have even capitalized by converting almost any vehicle imaginable, from Lincoln Navigator SUVs to Mini Coopers, BMW's, off-road trucks and SUV's, all in an effort to lure potential clients and please to most fickle of showbiz personalities. Some rental services even go to great lengths to use cars which were never even meant for the streets.