Sunday, January 06, 2008

WP Chrysler Executive Series 300 Rodeo Drive Plus 6 package

The Titanium Metallic exterior is discretely accented in chrome, and enhances the clean, lush lines of the 300C. The windows are tinted for privacy.

The Rodeo Drive Plus 6 package will be available through Chrysler dealers nationwide as an upgrade to the WP Chrysler Executive Series 300 Long Wheelbase version.
What represents the perfect balance between exceptional power and the beauty of exquisite handling? What high performance automobile is capable of blasting through the Santa Monica Mountains, carving the turns like a Silver State Classic road racer? ... the new W.P. Chrysler Executive Series Chrysler 300C Rodeo Drive Plus 6, Chrysler’s sumptuous sedan that, with six extra inches of back seat leg room, has, quite literally, “stretched” the definition of luxury and versatility. From


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