Wednesday, August 06, 2008

300C for the Mayor ?

Smart people the English, in the city of Kingston it was determined the Mayor's Mercedes Benz was to narrow. So they are likely to buy him a Chrysler 300C to ride in, befitting his status as Mayor. Hear-Hear !! After many pertinent questions were asked like "Which males and females tested the suitability of the car for entry and exit and how was it tested? "What are the insurance implications of the Mayor now needing to sit behind the passenger seat?" More I'm sure questioned the proper color and whether 20" custom rims, hydraulics, supercharger and amid of other details after all the Mayor of Kingston has been a symbol of authority and dignity since Thomas Agar was appointed by James II in 1685. All those mayors having served their office without the pleasure of riding a 300C. It's just sad I say just sad.
base source: The Guardian

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