Saturday, August 23, 2008

Onother Reason to Fly on the Ground in the 300C

Once almost had a accident with the 300C. Driving out in the countryside along the coast a beautiful summer day,listening to the radio. I was on the way to meet some friends. I had installed a multi-band receiver, cause I like that kind of thing, listening to police calls to find out where they were you know. I picked up a airplane pilot talking to a control tower, " we're half a mile out and running on fumes, please instruct...over".
There was silence for a moment and the tower voice said repeat after me....."Our Father who art in heaven...................
It's this kind of thing that keeps happening to people flying in the sky I prefer flying low in the comfort of the 300C on the ground, plenty of leg room, choose my passengers. If I ran out of gas it's less traumatic.

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