Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toasters from the backseat of a 300C

Toasters in the backseat of a 300C !! could be and if you also have breakfast natural pork links for you cooking also, holy cow. I mean, Chrysler 300C article submissions about the ROI of social contacts with the fairer sex if I may use a old quote but media submissions and model directories can only take you so far as the 300C will allow you to go. .
Think about money wasted on things instead of highly rated 300C accessories, keep your credit card scores up there.
Like , somewhere I heard a story supposedly false but I'm not sure it was proven that the kid stole it or was given access to dad’s credit card to buy a new custom 300C exhaust system for his brothers birthday and to make a long story shorter it got picked up by some news agencies social media, and spread like wildfire. It was completely false one way or another except it was a cool exhaust system, I can't remember which, can you ? But is that important.
What is important is the kid Willie kid used a credit card being in the title/headline. Because guess what? when people look for exhaust systems that’s what they’re going to use. T
How many deaths per year involve toasters? Now how many other random death facts can you find? (you could use the toaster as a nice title to snag attention). Is there anything interesting about how the toaster was build/made? Did toast actually improve on sliced bread?

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