Monday, March 23, 2009

300C Heavenly Rewards

One day God came down and said to three guys that the less you cheat on your wives the better the cars you'll get in heaven. So the first guy went to heaven after cheating on his wife 67 times and he got a older Chrysler 300. The second guy went to heaven and had cheated on his wife 2 times and he got a Challenger SRT8.
Then the third guy went to heaven and said that he had never cheated on his wife and he got a brand new, pimped out Chrysler 300C.
Then one day the third guy was all sad and depressed and the first and second guys asked him what was wrong and the third guy said, "I saw my wife the other day" and the first guy said "yeah, so" and the third guy said " she was riding a skateboard"


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Lalchand Khatri said...

Hey it's really funny i enjoyed Thank you....

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