Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chrysler 300C on a Mountain Road

A UCLA professor was conducting a class in decision-making. In his first drill, he picked a student from Texas.

"Now son,"he said" I want you to tell me the decision you'd make in this situation. You're driving a beautiful Chrysler 300C on a mountain road, checking out the corners at 75 miles an hour.

Just as you get close to a oncoming truck, two cars pull out from behind him to pass. You hit the brakes and your brakes , go out ( I know unthinkable in a 300C but just pretend that it happened). On your right side a five-hundred foot cliff; on your left side is a 1,00 foot precipice. Now, son you have 3 seconds. What would you do ?"
Well," the boy drawled, I reckon I'd wake up Billy Bob,".
"Billy Bob!" the professor exclaimed. "Who's Billy Bob?" "Why would he have anything to do with this decision?"
"Billy Bob is my friend, sir, You see he's from a small town and I'd like to wake him up 'cause he ain't never seen a accident like this before.

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