Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rationale For A New 300C

I am thinking maybe I should buy a new 2009 Chrysler 300C.
What, why you say, how do you justify that in todays economy ?
I respond by saying I was told yesterday by a "financial expert" that I should not try to dump my money in to the saving account.
He said " Remember, even if you have the highest interest saving account, you are still at loss if you invest your tax money in such an account. The rate of inflation does not match with the rate of interest that most banks offer. In other words, the buying power of dollar is decreasing at a faster rate than the saving account interest rates. Let's say if you had a $100 today, at an APY of 4% , and where can you get that high a interest rate ? even, you would have $104 at the end of one year.
What you could buy with your $100 today would cost you $106 at the end of the year. Therefore you lose $2 rather than earned $4 as interest.

Ah ha- it only makes sense then to get out there and get that 300C as you are
1) saving money
2)helping the economy
3) making you feel good
4) Think of it as a investment in the future

so be happy on April 15th :)


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