Saturday, December 06, 2008

The 300C Touring

What Makes 300C Touring Special?
The 300C Touring, is proving Chrysler is proving they are helping to revolutionize full size car performance since the 300C is super edgy, luxurious, and extremely speedy. If you love style and good performance, then Chrysler 300C Touring is definitely for you. If you like dull and boring,just take a bus.
The 300C Touring has an “in your face dazzling rolls Royce effect.” The 300C Touring also stands out a mile away and several various grilles are available for it. A personal choice would be the mess grille though.
With its huge body and manly contours, ya manly contours it is pretty hard to resist the 300C Touring. Even though the 300C Touring has a low end luxury car price tag, it is really more affordable—compared to Mercedes and BMW models—with ten times more the wow factor that you will surely get for your money.

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