Friday, February 08, 2008

300C Sincere Flattery

For years my wife has complained that all cars coming out of Detroit looked the same. Whether it was Chrysler or someone else it seems As automakers came closer on quality, safety and technology, the only thing left to distinguish them is the way their cars and trucks look, both inside and out. The Chrysler 300C was one of the rare automobiles in recent years where design was elevated from an afterthought to a prime consideration. The saying imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and to me that shows up in the concept auto Scion Fuse. A miniature at that. It has been said "What would happen if a Japanese carmaker built an interpretation of the classic 1949 Mercury lead-sled hot rod? The Scion Fuse concept, that's what. The Fuse's low stance, chopped roofline, and sinister expression make it a pretty arresting car to behold, even with its Chrysler 300-style vertical taillights." There is more than just the Chrysler 300C taillights that are simular

Guess which is the Chrysler 300C the scionfuse the 1949 Mercury


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