Friday, February 15, 2008

Love in a Chrysler 300C

This from the Malta Independent Online . A fellow by the name of Nicholas saw a survey that said that 80% of women admitted that their marriage proposal was less romantic than they had hoped for. “I observed that 6 million lovers come to Paris, each year, to say ‘I love you’. I said to myself: how is it that so many agencies are working on dating or marriage services, but none of them on marriage proposal services?has a marriage proposal service in Paris, the most romantic city in Europe, and guess what they ride in? You got it a Chrysler 300C Limo.
"He mentions some of the surprises he likes best: “Say I love you in a limousine, a majestic 9 meter Chrysler 300C, surrounded by the lights of the most beautiful monuments of Paris. The lovers will enjoy this drive in a deluxe American limo…"
All I can say is.........obviously, it makes sense to me.


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