Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dreaming about 300C Vacation

I've been getting tired of winter and have been thinking of a summer trip in the 300C to grandmas house,we'd enlist the kids to help detail the Chrysler out beside the garden, before we went I could be picking peas in the garden while they worked. When we could, we'd get far enough away to pretend we didn't hear ourselves being called. It was a short hike through Uncle Morris' cornfield to the railroad. There, we could walk and pick up loose spikes or lay pennies on the rails to be flattened. Back at the house, we'd drink lime or grape Kool-Aid and talk on the front porch or play endless hands of "Battle" on a card table by the piano. Later in the afternoon we'd cruise down a old 2 lane back highway with the windows down smelling the woods listening to the creeks ripples that we could pretend were real waterfalls, and in the pasture it carved out a legitimate swimming hole whose location next to Highway 15 precluded skinny-dipping, sometimes with the Chrysler 300C glistening in the evening sun.


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