Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kelly Blue Book Error

This month Kelly Blue Book made a list of 2008 vehicles that would be the best for family riding. As usually they took into consideration all most important factors:
The list of is made up of 5 three-row crossover vehicles, 2 minivans, an SUV, a sedan and a wagon.
I was appalled the Chrysler 300C was not on their list I could not believe they had made a error like that.
After all
The Chrysler 300C has enough room for the whole family
The Chrysler 300C not a high price for the quality
The Chrysler 300C is a safe vehicle
The Chrysler 300C has good fuel efficiency for it's size-
The Chrysler 300C is family-friendy-everyone loves the way it looks
The Chrysler 300C is known for high resale value.
People spend more time in the vehicles than they used to, so w
The Chrysler 300C is a great entertaining factor for your kids
The Chrysler 300C has comfortable seats which allow you to relax,

I mean what else do you want


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