Wednesday, March 05, 2008

300C Poetry

I came across this cool poem at the Chrysler Blog a fellow by the name of Alvin Love, of Guthrie, Oklahoma, a Chrysler enthusiast sent this poem to the Chrysler Blog and was recently selected for publication by the International Library of Poetry, a vanity publisher, for his poem,

"My Chrysler 2006."

The car of the year is finally here
With a title that's very dear.

Chrysler 300C is the car for me.
It's the greatest car that ever will be.

It has gone the extra mile in its style,
With its delightful details make it all worth the while.

It takes off like an airplane jet.
There's no comparison to it yet.

It drives like riding on clouds of air.
It will take you from there to anywhere.

This smooth riding car has stood the test.
That's why it's considered to be the best.

My Chrysler 300C is the car with prestige and quality.
The most delightful car you ever will see.

It's the most stylish car one could ever buy
Because of its attraction to the very eye.

Alvin C. Love

A cool poem I do believe.


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