Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eating Drinking in your 300C

Do you eat food or allow people to eat in your 300C? Drink in your 300C ? Not drink and drive of course , those old days of road tripping are pretty much over . What about fast food drive-through windows and eating in your car.
Modern eating practices tempts us to eat in our car as a habit: get over it. If you have a nice car like a Chrysler 300C you don't want the interior ruined by grilled chicken sandwich and french fries parts left over from lunch but it does happen occasionally if we're stuck in the car for a long time, long trip, or all day errand-running... little kids always seem to spill or drop something under the seat. I hate the smell of fast food, so it's a big pet peeve if my car smells like rotting fast food...
I don't keep my car perfectly clean, but I've learned that if I don't allow food in the car. As comfortable as the Chrysler 300 is I enjoy sitting down with my family and eating and relaxing. So even when we're on the road and eating fast food or real food I find a park or eat inside the fast food restaurant rather than in the car.

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