Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chrysler 300C Hybrid in Future ?

I know the photo isn't a hybrid 300C but it could be. I saw a list recently of the top 10 cars that, if they were sold with an hybrid option their companies will have a benefit. They had the Chrysler 300C on that list. If the 300C sold with an hybrid option their image would not be affected in a negative way.. I think it would be a good thing for Chrysler. The hybrid could very be a legitimate power adder like turbo or supercharging. Think about it, if it were possible to add 100hp to a 400hp v8 with an electric motor that could only improve a cars image. Of course the battery technology has to come a lot further so that weight can be kept down, but power is power. I would take a future hybrid Chrysler 300C if it were able to outrun the current Chrysler 300C.


Vanessa said...

That sounds like a really interesting list, do you know which other cars made the top 10, or who conducted the study? Thanks.

blog said...

It was a individual called FordFan's opinion not a study, was on a Motortrend forum. Sorry if it seemed to indicate anything more formal like a large study.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays all big car producing companies started to produce hybrid. GM producing hybrid trucks, Lexus few month ago started to produce a huge hybrid Limousine, and now Chrysler also wants to make hybrids. So, I believe that after 5-10 years every company will produce a hybrid cars.