Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nitrous Machine Gun Purge for a 300C ?

These are kind of kinky, but you got that nitrous enhanced 300C SRT8 and you want people to know you are around ! Two different styles of purge kits look like fun at the very least. I found this first one at Zex Machine Gun Purge Kit - Blue LED. These guys are closed March 28-to April 5th, orders can still be made I guess, just FYI. Any way they say

"Want to make them really take notice? Install the new ZEX� Machine Gun Purge Kit, and you�ll really get their attention. We even include a set of ear plugs to ensure your personal noise protection. The Machine Gun Purge Kit pulses any purge kit on the market, regardless of brand. Release nitrous with a �machine gun� blast of noise and color to let them know you�re nitrous equipped."
I don't know if you really need the ear plugs but it sounds good.
OK the videos aren't of Chrysler 300C s but it's all I could find. Without digging a lot.

Here is another flavor- a smoker


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