Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loss of Church Lady's 300C

I realize the Chrysler 300C is the most desirable car to have possession to but it's happened again in Maryland a pious church going elderly 69-year-old woman's car was stolen Sunday on a "Sunday" I said ! Her property was stolen as she had money left after giving tithe at her church to help the missionary drive and other social programs.
She was in the mist of releasing the liquid gold from it's long thick hose into the open orifice pumping , pumping and as it had it's fill a few drops falling to the 5" thick well worn concrete earth covering surface, as she was distracted not remembering if she left the passenger door unlocked to the beautiful gray sleek 300C ,she may have left her passenger door unlocked while she went to pay at the window. Her Insurance company will perk up their ears at this obvious lack of due diligence on her part promoting the theft of 300C by poor non-300C owners. The police said two men jumped into the woman's car and drove off.
I'm just flabbergasted. I haven't slept at all," said victim Yvonne. Dreaming maybe of the two fast moving men, apparently in good physical shape as they so quickly entered her prime possession. Their rippling muscles glowing in the mid-day heat
While she was gone, two men slid into her car through the passenger door.
"I don’t know how they go in so quick," she said. dreamily, and then pulled out of the candy store of international assortment of consumer products, her last
She said the gas hose was still in the car when the men took off with her 300C. The withdrawal being painful but quick.

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