Sunday, September 07, 2008

School Board Rents 300C

[a satirical rewriting of a school board junket] Mid-Hilly School board junket cost $36G; Taxpayers foot bill for officials’ renting of 300C and other expenses BY Golly
Scranton, PAScranton, PATaxpayers picked up the $36,000 tab for seven officials from Mid-Hilly School District to attend a conference earlier this year in Orlando, Fla., a Times-Tribune review of district expenses shows. Many brought family members along at taxpayer expense and racked up charges for expensive dinners, hotel minibars and snacks at amusement parks, they got there in rented 300Cs , it is not known how many were 300C but it could be quite a few since their were at least 7 people and wives and children, it is well known wives like to make their own decisions as to color, interior refinements.
Receipts of six school board members and a principal spent about $5,000 per person attending the weeklong National School Boards Association conference.Mid-Hilly school officials spent $20,000 on hotels, which included extras above the room costs, such as working out in gyms and using the minibar. About $2,500 was spent for each official, many of whom rented cars as the 300C. Officials stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. A director said he didn’t feel the Hard Rock Hotel was lavish, but acknowledged “if we shopped around, we probably could have gotten something cheaper.” but his back he feld bad that people will see the trip as excessive. $592.91 for a Chrysler 300C — and about $155 for meals.With the exception of Mr. Runco, all other officials went over their $750 advance for meals and car rentals and were reimbursed for it, Mr. G. said if any of their 300C expenses were improper, he believes people will do the right thing. Any mistakes would have been by error, rather than malice.“If we have to reimburse something, if it was out of the ordinary, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that,” he said. I mean what else could they do.

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