Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sad Destruction of the 300C

Oh sure the kid seemed likable enough at first but then in Hulk like fashion he turned into somekind of psychotic destroyer of what he even admits is a "awesome nice car" the Chrysler 300C. Where is the respect ! Is this the end of 300C kindness and reverence as we have come to know it?
He apparently knows how to use basic tools at his young age, although he is able to use the frontal wedge and reverse blunt end strikes to a high degree of skill, there was no evidence of knowledge of the sideways, total side "flatter now" technique.
I wonder if he will be Will he be a child left behind ? Smashing aimlessly or will he be able to develop the detailed skills needed to grow into a full blown 300C destroyer, for fun & profit ? Like these guys Crushing 300C I say again and again. Will he be a child left behind, not having the enjoyment of owning & driving as even he acknowledges "Awesome 300C autos" Will he be able to develop and fine tune his unique 300C destructing skills into the world's largest recycling plant and then be able to be driven around in a Hollywood 300C. Only time will tell...........................


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