Saturday, June 28, 2008

300C and Two Huge Miracles

The parents of two young dudes went on a trip to Las Vegas for the weekend with friends. They left early Friday morning in their friends Chrysler 300C SRT8 and the boys were left alone at home. Being home alone, being teenagers and knowing where the extra keys were hidden the only solution of what to do was use their dad's 300C, to pick up some girls and go cruising. Well of course they had no problem picking up a car load of beautiful girls that complimented the beautiful 300C.
They went dancing had a great party with the girls and when they got back to the car after a lot of discothequing, they noticed two huge dents in the rear of the car, they figured someone hit the Chrysler and drove off. Frantically they phoned their friend who was a skilled body man to fix the 300C.
When they got ahold of him. He said they must have the car at his house early next morning. The guy did a quick job on the 300C but was fixed properly and they parked it back in the garage that afternoon.

When their parents returned Sunday afternoon, the boys were terrified all day as their step father was a tough old retired Marine dude. They hoped he wouldn't notice the repair on the 300C. The father went to check the garage to make sure his prize collection of bright yellow screwdrivers were all in their proper place and to get a bright yellow 6.75 inch screw driver that was due for it's weekly polishing. Suddenly in a frantic action and scream he came running back very amazed yelling to the family "Lord be Praised, A miracle has happened! The dent in the back of the 300C that, that big boobed girl put in the back of my car when she tipped her bicycle last Thursday and now it is fixed without a scratch!"

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