Saturday, June 07, 2008

Phony 300C Offers

I remember when the Chrysler 300C first came out, it was a super hot tamale, yes sir it was so juicy and intense you couldn't get your grubby paws on one for months. Now after a few years not so hard to get you hands on a nice 300C. But still a much desired automobile. Now there is a scam going around where customers are bilked for charges to long distance and cell phones after being told they’ve won money and a car.

If you get a letter in the mail that alleges to be from Chrysler and informing you have won a brand new Chrysler 300C and $45,000 cash. Chances are good it is A__ scam or B__ fantastic luck. If you picked B and call a certian number to collect your car and money.
You will be one of the people calling the number, and racking up substantial long distance charges and minutes to cell phones.

if they used a pre-paid phone to call the number, before they get off the line, all of the minutes are used.
The bogus check made out to the potential victim accompanies the letter offering the 300C is a fictional town of Rentonville, Arkansas.

The letter also advises the recipient to keep all information away from the general public. "Right"
Since the letter comes through the mail, this is a federal crime. So the old saying goes again. If it sounds to good to be true it almost always is. 300C aren't that easy to come by.

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