Sunday, June 01, 2008

300C Artist

Driving a Chrysler 300C in the fall of 2005, the unknown artist moved into his second and final New York studio at 55 Eastly 49th Street, and set about again to create the environment he had learned over the years was most congenial to his modest way of life and most stimulating to his being able to drive his 300C that he had acquired through a grant for "Living in the City". He painted the high walls the same lime-green he used on his 300C and on the automobile seats, tables full of hemi parts and tires he designed and fashioned by cutting meticulous patterned groves in the 20” bald tires. from discarded lemon and lime crates. He acrylic enamel glossed the top of a lime metal stool in the same brilliant lime he applied to the latex sheath he made for the radio-phonograph that spilled forth the sounds of the beloved 300C SRT8 roar of the motors from well-traveled records. Visitors to this last studio seldom saw more than one or two new 300C but found, often to their astonishment, eight large hemi made of colored bits of paper he had tacked and re-tacked to the walls in ever-changing relationships constituted together an environment that, paradoxically and simultaneously, was both kinetic and serene, stimulating and restful., green and red, exciting and boring It was the best space, the artist said, that he had never inhabited. Tragically, he was there for only a few months: he died of pneumonia in February . His 300C were stolen by 2 slimy low life step-brothers, one in wasting away in North Dakota, the other hiding out in Nevada. His children robbed of their inheritance joined a cult.

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