Thursday, July 17, 2008

300C & White-Collar Workers

A research company surveyed 750 white-collar worker around the United States. The research showed that 81 percent of the people believed that driving a 300C in casual dress improved morale; 47 percent believed that it increased productivity; 46 percent said they considered casual dress while driving a 300C as a attraction to work for a company that permitted it, and only 4 percent thought a casual-dress standard would have a negative impact.
Now if this study is correct then I am sure, companies who give their employees a newly polished 300C SRT8 would improve moral of workers by at least percent; 92 would take off work early to go for a drive and only 4 % would not show up for work at all after getting their new 300C SRT8 because they were so thankful. What company could do such a thing today.

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