Monday, July 21, 2008

The Tracking of 300C's

The question Is the Chrysler 300C really going to be part of the Federal Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office, new monitoring program by which the government is planning to track every 300C on the road by using onboard transceivers by 2010, the Charlotte, N.C. "Creative Loafing" reported on this. That is the supposed deadline, automakers hope to start installing them in 300C and less important autos. It is believed by some that the goal is to equip all 57 million Chrysler 300C by 2015. There are reports a group of car manufacturers, technology companies and government interests have worked toward implementing the project for 13 years. They had access to other future viewing software allowing them to see in the future development of the 300C.. Incredible...... I have heard through other ears that the end result will be glowing 300C that will lower everyone's electric light bill. some people who remember who Orwell was, have actually called the proponent of the plan "Orwellian" for describing it.

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