Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Special 300C stretched limousine Ride

She will only ride in a Chrysler 300C stretched limousine.
Well, as a 300C hero I knew that as soon as I saw her, she turned, and our eyes locked, one, two, three I was destined to drive her, the light turned red against the sky. I knew this corner. The park ahead to my right, the bar across the street on my left…the 20 cars following me.
The light stayed red, thank God. She was waiting at the corner. The gleaming white of the 300C stretched limousine reflected in her dark glasses. Yes,she wanted the ride, we were dancing, somehow, with our eyes, my 300C, her white dress twisting around to the ground, waiting patiently with gray flowing hair.

“Giving me a ride?” she said. The words were new to me, I’d never heard them before, said that way, ever.


“the ride? in your limo ?” She purred.

“Sure.” I moved to open the rear door. She positioned herself to sit closest behind me, yet I sensed something. The two small bags next to her.

“You ever done this before?”

“Given a person like you a ride on my limo? No. Never.”

“You think you can?”

“Sure.” How hard could it be?


“Is the bar fully stacked she asked.”


I started the 300C with a roar of the Chrysler 300C 3.5L with Borla Aggressiv Exhaust purring.
“Is that a hill,” she asked me, looking several blocks ahead at the rising pavement.

“If we can get to the hill, we can get up the hill. We've got a Hemi”

She sat across from the bar, tasting the offerings, She was light, a steady weight. Not super-light, but a real presence, a real lady.

I will skip the rest of the dialogue, since the thrill was driving granny, she was coming from tango, she was going home to the 12th Street castle. My name was Alex, I am a professional driver. I had read about a nice elderly woman needing marriage and to travel from 2nd Street and back to her castle in order to troll for a new husband. Granny has advanced 300C syndrome and doctors had advised her to only travel in a Chrysler 300C preferably in a stretched limousine. Her wish was granted that day.

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