Friday, April 25, 2008

300C Auction Excitment

A NEAR RIOT, THE Fainting of several bidders on the beautiful 300C, the call of the police reserves drove quickly to the event in their black Chrysler 300s. The arrest of two pickpockets by undercover women police detectives , added jest to the usually calm and prosaic annual public action of custom 300C SRTs and other sporting equipment seized by the state game & fish department and the Corrections Corporation of America, the private company that runs Fernando's jail, which uses Xbox 360 & old hacked video games the Project Gotham Racing Two: Dodge Magnum Edition" and "Project Gotham Racing Two: Chrysler 300 Edition" at it's Lettice County Correctional Facility in California as well as the Ralph Marion Lee Adjustment Center in Kentucky, said spokesman Owen Buba Wesh.
"It improves the quality of life for the offenders, and it also is a good management tool," said Owen, whose wife bought him an 300C with Xbox 360 installed so they could blow off stress.
Some governors objected to the 300C always winning or not being in some of the games. others such as Hitman: Contracts, Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto and Extermination. In Fernando, the approved games are all rated "Teen" or "Preteen" to keep out any that might encourage criminal behavior. As we all know the Chrysler 300 is the automobile of the righteous.

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