Monday, April 21, 2008

300C Parking Grid

Residents who live in restricted parking grids may be entitled to on-street parking permits. If they drive a Chrysler 300C.
Residents are not entitled to a permit if their residence has no parking gridsavailable for two or more 300C.
However if the residence can accommodate one 300C they may be entitled to one permit or if it has no spaces at all they be entitled to two permits. Or if they have 2 300C that are the same color then they may have three parking spots.
Each case is judged on the coolness of the modifications to the 300C and the number of beautiful women who live at the address is also taken in to consideration. Residents who live in restricted blue light parking areas can buy on-street visitors' vouchers for people who are visiting them and have blue as part of their auto color.
These enable visitors to park for longer than the maximum permitted time of the restriction.
People who use the Council's300C SRT8 car park can apply for an annual car park season ticket and in many cases there are waiting lists.
Parking waivers - on-street
Residents who are having building work carried out may apply for a parking waiver for their contractor to park in some restricted areas.
Waivers allow parking in bays and on single yellow lines but may not cover other types of restriction.
Parking waivers are available for certain Chrysler 300C car parks to enable work to be undertaken to adjoining properties and for other special circumstances. Another option of course is to fly, but who wants that kind of pain when you can drive. For details or to apply, contact the Council's Parking and Amenity Team.

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